Thursday, 17 February 2011

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Wednesday, 16 February 2011

OUGD202 Evaluation

This module has been one of the most interesting and enjoyable ones throughout the whole of the course, I loved the fact that we could choose our own subject matter and therefore work with something we were passionate or had some interest in. I think I made the right decision with my choice, Shane Meadows films because it has a lot of depth and themes and the whole British thing is something I take great interest in. I also liked the fact that the outcome was to produce idents as well as a title sequence because although they were similar and had to relate there were a lot of different things you had to consider for each in order to keep the attention of the audience whilst sticking to your subject matter and getting this across.

Looking at the module aims i believe that my ability to plan has improved with this module with constant lists and design sheets I've helped myself to create ideas and move forward. I also found that primary research played a large part in my project, going out and getting relevant photos that relate with locations and themes from the films and creating drawings from these which ended up being the focus of my videos. My videos are quite simplistic but aim to reflect the subject matter, they are quite interactive and constantly moving so I hope they are able to keep the audience engaged.

I have attempted to be more critical with this brief, not only with my own work but within crits and feedback and I think this has helped me a lot and enabled me to know where I need to go with my work instead of being 'afraid' of criticism. I think I have explored media to an extend with photographs and drawings, drawings being something I wouldn't normally consider including in my work but they seemed to be appropriate and fitting to the subject matter.

I do think that I could have explored and looked at different resolutions and outcomes but I did get carried away and focused on using my drawings idea. I do like the work I have done but know that with regards to animation they are not the smoothest or most impressive animation skills but I have enjoyed learning this new software, design for screen and how it is a whole new process. Looking at existing work and others videos has been.

I've learnt the importance of planning i.e. storyboarding, drawing down quick plans etc and this was key really to helping me see what I was going to do when it came to working on screen. I have found that I've enjoyed this aspect a lot more within this module than before and I think this is because it has helped me a lot more and it's allowed me to have a clear view of what I was going to produce. I have definitely developed my management and planning skills.

Next time I would possibly experiment more with a range of outcomes, explore software skills more with more tutorials etc and maybe introduce different media into the animations.

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Support work

I've created this PDF just to show support work to show how my work came together

DVD design

I've made a mock up of how the design would continue across onto the disc if I were able to print it, it is simplistic like the rest of the design and the line continues off the drawing. The type is the same and fits closely next to the image.


I've tried two variations of my packaging, I did this mock up of the buildings skyline cut out and the windows cut out, I think it creates a nice layered affect especially when the packaging is opened but because the card is so thick and my craft skills aren't the best I'm unsure whether to do this on my final design incase it doesn't look finished properly.

I think this cutout outline would work better if I didn't already have the drawing at the bottom it's just kind of a repeat but they don't really work together.
 This is the second option, it's very simplistic and without the cut out skyline, I feel like it fits in with the theme of my animations, simplistic and black and white but I think the other one may communicate better.

Friday, 11 February 2011

Packaging design

After making a mock up I wasn't happy with my idea I think I was trying to make it more complicated and include too much than it needed. So, I've gone back and started with ideas again looking at different forms and folds and what imagery I should include

I've decided on using just the image of the flats, black line drawing with continuous black drawing line across the packaging, this will be duplicated onto the disk and on the inside of the packaging. I want to keep it simple because I think it reflects my animations

I've taken the lines off and added crop marks because obviously I don't want the black lines to print but I'll know where to fold.

Thursday, 10 February 2011


After the final crit I've taken onboard the feedback and made some alterations like position of the type, I've also changed the background of the Somers Town one because I personally didn't like it and thought the drawing was a bit messy and didn't really look like much.

Dead Man's Shoes
I've moved the type to a white  space which does look better and is more legible now.
IDENT 1- Dead Man's Shoes

IDENT 2 -This Is England

IDENT 3 -Somers Town

IDENT 4 -A Room For Romeo Brass


Sophies title sequence from Brady Miller on Vimeo.

Packaging mock up

I think the part that hold the CD need to be lower in height, it was a struggle to fit the CD in also so it needs to be lengthened a bit too.
Top ( sky) fold in
Left (buildings) fold in

 Right (Fence) Folds in to complete

I was going to use acetate for the fence part so that the buildings can be seen behind it but I do like it with the drawing. I'll have to do a mock up with acetate to see what works best, I also moved the buildings up to the top, originally i was going to have it at the bottom with the fence but it wasn't really visible. I was thinking I might have some type in the top right corner in the sky, something I will have to try out also. I like the black and white but might try some colour in the sky just a slight blue possibly.

Optional module- type WEEK 5

8pt Indent-no line break

Precious squares



Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Final crit

Key things from the crit:
  • Text is too small on Dead Man's Shoes ident, also need to be moved to white space so more legible.
  • Need to experiment more with packaging ideas
  • Sounds on ident could be individual to films
  • Move star rating to same place as quote on all idents
  • Dead Man's Shoes fence draws slow in places can this be sped up?
  • Contradicting views, one pair liked the idents without the flag the other said they preffered them with.


I've taken the flag out of all of my idents because I tried them without the flag being 'flickery' and just still instead and I felt it looked to static like it was a very noticeable background which I didn't like, I do agree that the flickering was too distracting though and so I've tried them without. I think the colours I've used for the type represent the British theme but I don't know if this is enough.

Dead Man's Shoes ident

This Is England ident

Somers Town ident

On this the drawing definitely finishes too prompt not giving you enough time to view it properly, so this is something I need to change, I also want to take some of the background out because I don't like the drawings and I think it's too cluttered, on the title sequence I've used the same image at the end but taken some of it out and I like this better so I need to redo this ident. Then it might not be as rushed as well and can stay on screen for longer at the end.

A Room For Romeo Brass ident

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Packaging for DVD

I plan to create a layered image with my packaging which fold in together to create this layered image. I want to use one side with accetate with one of my drawings so you can see through it to view the other layers. Behind this is going to be one of my photos of the flats and then the sky behind this.

I am going to keep the same typeface and colours to keep it consistent.

Title Sequence

Oversized image

I've now completed all the masks over each drawing so this is what it looks like, so now I just need to work out where each drawing joins on to the other one and therefore where I can insert the transitions like rotate so it flows well.

As theres 8 seconds of drum beats at the start I don't want the drawing to start straight away, I want this to be introduced at 8 seconds so I'm not sure what to include at the start, I've storyboarded a few ideas of text and the flag.

I've introduced the title at the start at the programme so that viewers are aware of the the content and will therefore be able to identify the drawings with the films as it plays.

Also I'm not sure if I need text throughout the title sequence when the drawings are being drawn, in my storyboards I've played with the idea of including the name of some of the films or re-occurring actors that Shane Meadows uses. 

Monday, 7 February 2011

Changes to idents

I've changed the flag so it quickly just fades in and out at the beginning and towards the end before the text appears. I'm not sure if it looks too static I might just get rid of it all together.
I might try it fading in taking half the time of the ident and then fading out taking up the other half.

Title Sequence

Working with this oversized image is proving quite difficult because of transitions between the images and the timing. I think what I'll have to do is create all masks first and see where each drawing stops and then put in the transitions between them.

I'm not sure yet whether to include something in the beginning for 8 seconds, where its just the drum beat instead of the drawing starting straight away so it goes more with the music.

I definitely need to play around with when the transitions happen they aren't in time with the drawings at the moment and it doesn't flow.

It's starting to happen here except something goes wrong with the second image and it doesn't draw, however I like the transitions between the images after this they seem to flow into each other well.

I also how it looks without the British flag, I'm not sure whether I need to include it, is is very simplistic black and white but because it's fast I'm not sure if it needs anything else.

Friday, 4 February 2011

Oversized image- title sequence

In my progress surgery Lorraine suggested that I make an oversized image for my title sequence as I want a continuation of the images to link into each other.  So I've placed all of my drawings on on big page and created joining lines and extra bits so that they connect, I've also rotated some of them so there is some transitions within it. Just need to try it out see if it'll work.