Wednesday, 14 December 2011


OUGD301 End of module submission

My initial rationale was ‘a type based investigation into branding and identity with a focus on print and promotions. I think that the briefs I chose allowed me to explore this, I especially wanted to look into branding as I liked the idea of creating a theme and atmosphere for something. I was also keen to create a publication of some kind to look into layout. My first two briefs let me investigate branding and create visual vehicles across a range. I enjoyed this challenge but did find that I struggled with logo design and creating a unique logo. With the first brief I spent a lot longer on it that I should have done because I kept thinking of things I could do with it and was initially slow with decision making.
The second brief was similar in that I struggled with logo design but I what I found with this whole module is that I have made an importance of applying a concept to my designs and ensuring the concept makes sense rather than just designing something to look good.

The third brief I enjoyed but because I wanted to work on a publication brief but we definitely let ourselves down with time management and created a rushed final publication. I liked the fact that we could experiment with layout as we had applied a concept to it but I think if we had left ourselves more time it would be a lot more professionally finished. We haven’t bind it which we wanted to do but because of our unorganised time keeping the publication itself needs trimming and should have been printed in small books and then put together instead of one large one.

Brief four was another rushed brief and I feel I should have and could have extended it further. What I liked about this brief was working with language to create a campaign, when we had a talk from the Beautiful Meme this definitely inspired me to work like this as a way of reaching out to an audience.

In my statement of intent I said that I was going to explore print process’s. I am annoyed with myself for not doing this. I didn’t screen print for Brief 2 but didn’t end up using the print as they weren’t how I intended them to be. I did attend a laser induction session which I wanted to do but unfortunately didn’t put it to use with any of my briefs, I hope to utilise this in my final major project.

I think what I struggled with mostly was managing my time, in the beginning I thought I had a lot of time and so worked on briefs longer than I should have which resulted in rushed briefs towards the end. In the future I definitely need to state how long I intend to work on each brief and stick to this. This time management meant that I didn’t get to fulfil all of my statement of intent and therefore haven’t utilised and explored print as much as I would have liked.

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