Sunday, 4 December 2011


One of the deliverables I decided on for this brief was labels to put onto small paint tins to keep with the paint theme. I experimented with size and layout of the labels but made sure to include the Heinz Salad Cream logo the tag line 'Mix-zing it up' and also 'maing a masterpiece' to emphasise the paint concept but also have a double meaning with salad cream that it will make your food a masterpiece.

I tried out various layouts of the type and logo and also various colours, I don't like the just white labels although depending on what colour the tins are they could work. I prefer the yellow/green labels as I think they represent the 'zing' well and would also appeal to the audience and stand out rather than white. I don't particularly like the red it doesn't really represent salad cream at all more ketchup.

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