Tuesday, 13 December 2011


I took the 5 colours from the range of flavours I came up with and made a swatch for each, each swatch using a recipe for a different flavour Salad Cream.

The front is just  a basic swatch with little type on it just the logo and the number of the flavour like you would get on a paint swatch.

 To create the colour swatches I wanted to keep the colours of each reasonably similar like you would expect in a real paint swatch, a range of similar colours but I also wanted the colours to stand out and make the range look attractive. So when it came to the chilli flavour etc I steered the colours towards reds to add some change rather than just greens.

I printed the swatches on matt stock downstairs and am really happy with the way it has absorbed the colours I think they work well as a range and make the brand appealing.

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