Friday, 2 December 2011

Layout experiment

I have been playing around with the layout for each double page spred. We wanted to keep a lot of white space so that the we can create layouts which reflect the theme of magic and so can experiment with coloumn widths, sizes and opacity.

I've placed the title of some pages behind the type so that it overlays, I've changed the tints so that the type is still legible but wanted to create illusions of magic like vanishing.
 I tried out different arrangements of text, I have duplicated this phrase and placed just above the other to create a kind of optical illusion style.
 For the career page I have used this diagnol style layout to create a kind of time line effect in chronological order.

 The marvelous orange tree is one of Houdin's famous illusions, I wanted to use some other formats other than standard columns so have experimented with circles. I thought they could look quite immature and childish but I have used them quite small and close together and with lots of white space to try and avoid this.

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