Sunday, 4 December 2011


I've managed to print nearly all of my stuff for Ted Baker so put them together and have photographed them so far.

 I had some difficulty cutting out the circles just making them perfectly curved sounds easier than it actually is with a knife. These are just scraps.
This is the cover for the lookbook I have kept a consistent design concept throughout but with variations. I wanted it to be simplistic but show the change of day and night through colour.

I also produced a tracing paper cover to go over the look book so you can subtly see the other cover behind but it adds another texture. The phrase 'short Daize long nights' is to represent the Autumn/winter theme and incorporate the brand name.

I like the way the two look together but need to consider how I would bind it.

These are a range of designs for the gift card holder, I couldn't decide on just one design but you wouldn't normally just get one choice in a store anyway. I am still yet to assemble these properly but this is just to show the designs.

Receipt holder

Bag- still to assemble this but I have purchased some white rope for the handles to fit with the type

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