Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Web page

As well as printed material I thought it would be necessary to create a webpage for the campaign which would give details about it.

I wanted the webpage to not be too dis-similar to the original Heinz page and so looked at what elements I could use or keep similar. I decided on keeping the menu along the top with drop down menus.

I decided that to keep this similar I could use the drop down menu in the form of a drop down swatch so that the theme is continued and also similar to the Heinz style webpage. I want to make it more exciting and welcoming though for a younger audience but not look childish. I think by using the colours I have used in the swatch booklets I can create this.

I've experimented with different colour backgrounds and type sizes and images for the webpage. I have decided on a white background as I think the colour menu are enough colour and I don't want to make it look too busy and too childish.

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