Friday, 27 May 2011

End of module evaluation OUGD203

This module has been one of my favourites as we have been able to steer towards the area of design that we have interest in. I think this has helped also by me starting to find where I want to head with my design.
I believe my skills with group work have improved, I really enjoyed the collaborative brief because Kim and I have similar interests and wanted to create the same kind of work. This was the first brief on the course where I have been happy with the outcome. I believe this module has allowed me to develop my type and layout skills further, carrying on from the type module and also build upon my print skills.

My research methods admittedly could have been broader within the design practice brief especially, although I think that I am looking at more relevant context work possibly. With the Fedrigoni brief we were able to gain some of the actual stock which helped develop our work as we new what we were working with.

Within Fedrigoni brief I believe my strengths were generating ideas, Kim and I seemed to bounce ideas off each other and helped each other out with designs etc, whilst one of use did one thing the other did something else so we weren't wasting time. I think my strengths also included keeping on top of work, being organised, improving my Indesign skills, type and layout. Within the design practice brief I think a strength was knowing exactly the areas of design I wanted to work with and knowing subjects I have interest in also. I was really happy with the outcome of the Fedrigoni brief and the way we photographed the end products so I think this is another strength and from here I knew the kind of work i wanted to create. Something I've noticed within myself is my confidence and contribution to crits has improved, they used to be something I was always anxious about but during this module I have overcome this a little and improved my skills.

A weakness within the design practice brief was definitely not listening with regards to screen printing, I was determined to use this method but it turned it i wasted a lot of time and it didn't work out. I also think I have been less organised within this brief and leaving things until the last minute which I don't usually do.

Next time I would listen to advice about not screen printing, experiment more with stock, try to create a more professional finish on all products and possibly use the help of a professional photographer to help me document my final products.

Quality of work-3
Quantity of work-3

Design boards

Thursday, 26 May 2011

Proposed takeaway range

I wanted to keep the bag black so that it doesn't have to look like a takeaway bag like the traditional brown paper bags you get. I have added the name like i have to the cup, in white but want to keep it simplistic.

Maybe the stripe saying take away isn't necessary if i want to steer away from it looking like a take away bag.
I think with it being black it does look a lot better than a standard bag, it would fit in with business men.

Wednesday, 25 May 2011


I wanted to make the invitation more interactive so that it is intriguing when customers recieve it. I cam up with the idea of ties or shirts and collars and maybe the shirt being the envelope for the invitation.

I was talking to Steph about my idea and she showed me some origami shirt man she said she's always known how to do so I looked it up and it was so easy to make and hopefully with the right stock and colours etc I can make it look fitting with my audience and brand.

I then tried it with my stock I have used for all products, it was more difficult to fold but using a knife if I score the folds they will be much cleaner and neater

I added some pinstripes to keep the brand running but when printed and folded these didn't have the same feel as I had previosuly been going for, they made the shirt look more like a baseball shirt.

I then tried stripes closer together like the actual invitation and the business card and it appeared to look better, more like pinstripes rather than baseball shirt and hopefully more stylish.
 This is how the invitation would slot into the invation and how it unfolds
This how the invitation package would look when folded up, with the invitation next to it they work together with the same thin stripes, I think this works a lot better than the stripes further apart

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Changes to business cards


Quick mock up of proverbs on wall

Iphone app

I don't like this as the first page, I want it to be more simplistic and  and less busy maybe just more white. The lines look different on screen also to when they are printed out so a simplistic approach would work best for on screen
The name of the menus will be down the side so that the customer knows where in the order process they are up to

I've included different option buttons to navigate through the app, keeping each page quite simplistic so it  is easy to order and work.

More basic first page
Something which someone pointed out in the crit was to put what it is on the business card as it isn't clear, so I have included this on the app also to make it clear.

Final Crit


Points from the crit:
stripe should be consistent on all menus inside
finish the invite-put info on the back
Details about the restaurant should go on the business card
Propose the app asap

Sunday, 22 May 2011


I''m quite annoyed with mself because I keep thinking of news things I want to propose but have less and less time to do so.

I'm currently proposing an iphone app, restaurant interior and now I want to proopse a takeaway range- packaging etc. 

Friday, 20 May 2011


This is our proposed studio and I think its prety impressive so I think it definitely needs to go on on the website, maybe in contact us or similar. Or news for our new studio.

I've made this the home page, made the image black and white and used the blue from the logo for the text over the top.

I've taken this map from google maps of the location of our studio,I've made it black and white to have a running colour palette throughout. The description of where we are and the contact details again use the same blue.

I've taken work from our previous briefs and made thumbnails as well as standard siz images for the lightbox so you have a small thumbnail and when you click on this it is enlarged and allows you to flick thorugh the others

Thursday, 19 May 2011

Screen prints

So I guess I should have listened in the first place not to waste my time screen printing, I just wanted to do it for my work. However,
The paper tore for some reason and the dark grey

Although some did turn out alright the colour wasn't dark enough and I couldn't risk more not turning out how I wanted them to turn out and wasting time and stock.

Wednesday, 18 May 2011


Something I wanted to know in my crit was whether I should make the front covers of the menus the same design obviously with different titles of food. They suggested I don't make them exactly the same but have subtle differences. So I have came up with a consistent design which changes slightly from menu to menu.