Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Heinz Salad Cream

possible deliverables that are relevant

Change of direction
I've been really struggling with this brief because of the deliverables, I don't want to produce screen based, image resolutions for the brief but keep thinking this is more relevant and would work best. I want to stick with my interests and work with type and print. I have therefore been struggling to come up with deliverables which would be suitable and which would work as part of the campaign.

I then related back to my original idea of 'MIX-ZING IT UP' and then coming up with things you mix.

I decided on paint and thought that the paint could be associated with the salad cream, a liquid.

I've therefore been coming up with products and how I can associate them with the concept of painting and mixing.

I've come up with the idea of using little paint tins for packaging with labels on with the flavour,

swatches like colour swatches but maybe containing recipes or suggestions of combinations.

Daize shop window

Basic shell of the shop so far

Friday, 25 November 2011


Gift card holders

Screen print

I wanted to screen print to recreate the gradient idea but screen printed. I thought it would look really good with the two colours bleeding into each other, unfortunately they didn't turn out how I wanted so I am annoyed as I wasted time but still. There are some that are not so bad but still not the pattern I wanted to create so that I could use them for my bags etc.

Thursday, 24 November 2011

look book cover

I am only mocking up the design for a look book so just designing the cover, I've thought about doing a double cover with a tracing paper outer cover and then a full coolour cover underneath, the tracing paper design maybe with the repeated text like the first two designs and then the gradients underneath. I like the designs with the very small type for the Autumn Winter copy. Maybe then just have the DAIZE logo on the outer cover.


I really wanted to create some kind of packaging for the range, I already have gift wrap which would be used to wrap the garments in, these then need to be placed in a box or bag.I did ocnsider a box but then this would most likely have to then placed in a box and it seems a waste.
So I have decided on a bag.
I played about with the change of colour from day to night and the idea of just the three lines I have been using to create the inbetween change.

I worked with front and back because I want to attach them, I considered how the design would work on all visible sides and how it would change throughout to create the concept of day and night.

receipt holders

Like the tickets I applied the same process to other products, the receipt holders. I thought about different ways to incorporate the concept and different formats it could take. I also played around with colours.

swing tickets

I revisited the products I had designed and tried to come up with more ways that I could incorporate the day and night theme and improve it uing different formats etc.

Wednesday, 23 November 2011


After ptinting mock ups for the crit I really wasn't impresed with the colours, I want them to create more impact and represent day and night better.

I think I need to emphasise the light and dark more so have experimented with pairs that may work or may not.

Mock ups-DAIZE

PHOTOS of things for crit

 I just printed these off on the laser printers upstairs for the crit. The colours were way off what I intended them to be and turned out purple rather than blues.

 The feedback from my crit was to explore the day and night theme more and how I could apply this to the products. I still want to use the idea of changing colour but need to make it more interesting.

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Salad Cream ideas

Concepts and ideas

I want my concept and designs to be type based as this is where my interests lie and I want to make an impact using language like the brief says. I want the words to alone, be able to make the point but not be serious and not boring about salad cream.

I've looked and thought about a few concepts one was 'dressing it up' because it's a dressing, another one playing with words with zing in them as in the brief it mentions 'zing' a few times and also playing with the idea of someone being obsessed with condiments like urban dictionary states, 'condiment whore.'

I've gone with the zing concept for now, I researched words that I can associate with the brand/theme which include the letters zing or sing but propnounced zing so that I can play around with these.

I came up with:

For some reason thebackground on the Heinz Salad cream logo is showing up on here, it doesn't on my designs!

Heinz Salad Cream

Initial ideas-First of all I examined the brief and picked out key words which may help me with the brief. There were key words that could be used in the design along with visuals I could use etc.

I then made a list of possible deliverables for the campaign which could be made. I also came up with some themes I could work with and key words I may include.

Receipt holder

I want to keep the brand consistent but don't want to just repeat the same thing. I drew some initial ideas for receipt holders and how I could incorporate the concept. As I have been using gradients I looked at this idea and using them vertically and horrizontally and using them across circular and rectangle formats.

Swing tickets

For some reason the picture is sideways because blogger is ridiculous but after I decided on the night and day concept then I started drawing some designs of how I could incorporate this into my deliverables. Starting with swing tickets I wanted to make them circular to represent the Earth/moon and how this creates night and day with the sun.

I started playing with the idea of night and day as half an half, I've used a circle to represent the earth/moon to emphasise the concept of day and night. I initially used halves for night and day but it wasn't working and was too simplistic and boring. I then looked at using the gradual idea again of using a gradient style but with blocks changing colour gradually. I did this by overlaying the tints. I really like the effect the tints create and thought this could represent day and night going from dark to light gradually.

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Development of concept

For a while I played around with the idea of clocks and how I could incoroporate this into my brand using different formats for the deliverableS. I was struggling slightly because I kept using image in my ideas but new I didn't really want to use image and kept going back and forward with type.

In my tutorial the other day Lorenzo told me I need to decide exactly what I'm basing this on with regards to time. I was intitially basing it on clocks and would have liked to work with clocks but really wanted to base this on type rather than image. So I have changed it to the concept of day and night rather than clocks to represent time.
I came to this decision only recently and so have some experiments previous to it with clocks etc but wasn't getting anywhere with them.

Monday, 14 November 2011

November e-flyer

Sarah and I are working on this brief together, we decided on the theme of nosie and sound waves so came up with some initial visuals to work with.Sarah sent an intitial idea to Bridget.
This is the flyer re-arranged, Bridget has asked for some changes and adjustments including changing the size, the alignment of the name and generally moving thing about. We still need to add logos etc.
 I came up with the layout and placement of text etc whilst Sarah worked on the image so that we could combine them when we were done. The name was to be placed down the side and the sound blocks along the bottom. It was hard to work with as for an e-flyer there is a lot of text.

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

November creative Network

For brief 6 I have been asked again by Bridget to create November's Creative Network flyer, which will be an eflyer as it based around the Leeds DigitalFestival. I am working on it with Sarah and have come up with initial thoughts and ideas so far.
We've been looking into the idea of visual noise and also sound waves etc and how we can incorporate these. We are thinking of using a gif to create a kind of animation but very simplified. We are thinking of using the sound waves or bars to change to spell out the title or name of the event.

Competition briefs

 I really would like to have a go at the Fedrigoni brief, out of all this is the one that interests me. The only thing is that I worked on a Fedrigoni brief last year. This brief is based on colour and so really interests me I'd like to play around with this but I am worried it will be too similar.
This Heinz salad cream brief is my second choice if I am advised against doing the Fedrigoni one, I chose this because I think I could use language to create impacting designs and appeal to a certain audience. But I am worried that it may need to be more image based.

In Context- shop interior

I've mocked up an exterior for the cake shop but am yet to add more elements to brand it. I have added slight things like triangular windows and door handles but need to add colours, logo and name. I struggle with this changing the perspective etc and making it look realistic so will to either get some help just experiment.


I have been playing around with the Autumn phrases including the words 'days' so that I can incoroporate the brand into it with the brand name. I am not sure yet if they work, I like the idea of using language to represent Autumn and I've seen this work well before for other things but I think I need to ensure I make the right choice with typeface and colour to make an impact, these are just my ideas so far working with the phrases.

With the phrase 'short daize longer night' I added this to an InDesign document and repeated it to create a design for some gift wrap instore to wrap the customers purchase, I thenprinted it onto this thick tracing paper to create a luxury feel to it. This was just a test but it made me aware that I want to produce more work on the tracing paper as for this kind of store and audience it seems very appropriate.